Getting to 100%

The flu and cold bug has been going around Barrouallie like crazy recently. It resulted in my coming down with a nasty case of the flu that kept me down for three days. And then the week after that, I came down with an annoying cold (resulting in more medication).

I wrote yesterday about God’s reminder we can serve in weakness…..

But we also must do what it takes to become healthy.

I’ve said this before, but flu or cold medication is one of my least favorite things in the world. Mostly because when we take it, that medication pretty much knocks us out for the rest of the day. Of course, that’s the idea since our body is in need of rest. At the same time it’s frustrating spending most of the day in bed when your used to being productive.

This frustration doesn’t keep me from taking meds when I really need them

But it does keep me from staying on those meds

Normally I’ll take the medication for two to three days so the initial illness (in this case my flu) has passed. Then I will go off the meds since my body is stronger, but the immune system isn’t completely recovered. This is why the week after my flu I caught the cold that’s going around. In a way my body was running on let’s say 70% of its full-strength and wasn’t strong enough to withstand a virus.

So it’s better to stay on meds (even though they affect my body in frustrating ways) till I’m at 100% so I can withstand future sickness.

This truth has an obvious application to our spiritual life as well. Just like having an immune system running at 70% is dangerous, being 70% spiritually healthy will damage my walk with the Lord. Because there are many “spiritual illnesses” (sins) that can affect us.

The application goes deeper because we can overcome the initial impact of a sin (like the symptoms of my flu virus) but still be weak and susceptible to other sinful actions. It is absolutely necessary that in times of spiritual struggle that we drink deeply of the living water through Scripture, and times of intense prayer with the Lord.

The Lord taught me through this that going out into a community ravaged by illness is foolish. And going out into spiritual warfare with a weakened spiritual walk is even more foolish.

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