Things Will Go Wrong!

In recent weeks I’ve been hearing a loud whining sound occasionally while driving. A friend borrowed my car for a youth meeting and had his mechanic look at the car. He informed me the problem wasn’t the back brakes (as I thought) but another part.

Last week I began searching for that part with no luck…..

no matter what parts store I called, nobody had it!

Finally I found a store that said they had it. I excitedly drove over there, but when the sales-person came from the back, he was just shaking his head. It was one for the front of my car instead of the rear like I needed.

I was a bit frustrated by this, but pleasantly surprised when a nearby store had a part to sell me!

I was careful to check the box, computer screen, and bill to make absolutely sure it was my specific model of car. There are two models a lot alike, but the part had to be for my specific one.

Saturday my mechanic came over to put on the part. After removing the wheel he tried to put on the part…..and it wouldn’t fit.

They had sold me a part for the other model in the wrong box!!!

There are few guarantees in life, but one of them is bad things will happen. We often explain that with the common phrase “life isn’t fair”! This unfairness comes from the fact that we live in a broken world cursed by our own sinful actions. Instead of the righteous being blessed, it seems like the wicked always win. Experiences like mine are small reminders that life doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to.

But even in the unfair moments of life, God is in control.

Saturday morning my mechanic took off the piece that my friend had told me to replace and told me “This doesn’t need replacing.” Instead, it was another part that was easy to obtain. A quick van ride to the local parts store, and my car was up and running again!

Sadly, life isn’t always that simple. The good guys don’t always win in the end, and not every ending is happy. But Saturday reminded me that God is with me in those unfair moments, behind the scenes orchestrating things for His glory. That may not mean all the painful experiences vanish, but it does mean we don’t face them alone.

Life sadly isn’t fair

Thankfully our God always is

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