The World Needs Guard Dogs

Shortly after moving into my new rental property in 2019, my dog Vincy took his now almost permanent position at the gate portion of the porch.

He will sometimes roam into the yard as far as the leash allows him to go….

but the porch itself is his personal domain.

Friends who Vincy knows don’t have a problem coming into my gate. But there has only been one person who was able to step onto the porch without his growling or barking. Everyone else, even those he knows, cannot step onto the porch without myself present.

In a way Vincy does this because he knows that the porch must be protected. Anyone who gets on the porch can then simply walk in my front door! So, in order to protect the house itself clear boundaries must be established.

Thinking of Vincy and his protection of the porch reminds me how important it is for our minds to be protected.

The mind of a Believer is incredibly important because what we think about (meditate on) directly affects us spiritually. Filling our minds with sinful or worldly ideas will invariably lead us into sin! So just like Vincy protects the porch (letting almost nobody on it) we must guard what enters our mind.

Usually, we do a pretty good job of this…..

but at night our defenses often go down

This is simply because at the end of the day we are often tired and worn out emotionally. That leads to a desire for relaxation and rest, which isn’t sinful. The problem is our idea of rest (and often mine) involves watching something on TV, or streaming services.

Again, these aren’t always sinful. But weariness can make us simply consume entertainment instead of actually thinking about what’s entering our mind. This is why we must remain vigilant in evaluating entertainment even when we are tired.

All it takes is one moment of hesitation or distraction for someone to sneak past my dog on the porch, so he is always ready. And all it takes is one moment of spiritual distraction to let something into our mind that can destroy our testimony.

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