The Greatest Gift

For our Christmas service last Sunday night I assembled a singing group of children who attend Bible clubs during the week. They were all excited about singing Joy to the World in front of everyone (especially using a microphone) but I wanted to give them an added motivation.

So we made Christmas bags!

These bags were filled with old VBS material received from churches in the States. The children’s excitement grew as they chose their bag, wrote their name on the tag, and helped fill it the day before our Christmas service.

The Christmas bags were finished, and then placed around my own Christmas tree, which was brought to the church and decorated.

Sunday night the children sang with all their might delighting everyone!

I am pretty sure the nearby Christmas bags were what motivated them

But it’s my prayer they will be motivated by a much more precious gift.

Sunday night I used my own Christmas presents as props (thanks mom and dad). Holding the largest present in my hand I carefully explained the Gospel. How we have no hope in ourselves since all of us have sinned, so God sent Jesus to pay the penalty. Because Christ paid the price for our sins by dying, and rising from the dead we can be saved!

I know the children there would be focusing on the large, wrapped box in my hands. But with the power of the Holy Spirit, I pray that simple illustration would help them understand something…….

Things cannot make you happy!

I can remember one Christmas as a child taking all of my unwrapped presents into my room and simply looking at all the wonderful things God provided. The amazing thing was in that moment I was incredibly sad. That sadness probably came from the fact that there were no more presents to open, but in a deeper sense it illustrated things only give short-term happiness.

May the children of Barrouallie find joy as they unwrap Christmas presents excitedly this Sunday…..

But may they truly find their hope in the eternal gift of Salvation

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