A Time to Celebrate

For my birthday in 2019 I did some shopping with cash sent by my family, and picked up some of my favorite ice cream on the way home.

After eating most of the container in one sitting (it was my birthday after all) I put some on the lid, and allowed my guard-dog Vincy to have some. Though I’m not totally sure, my cat probably had some as well!

The ice cream (and my dogs excitedly eating it) reminds me it’s okay to celebrate sometimes.

The problem with ministry (and life) is your never really finished. There will ALWAYS be something else to do! Ambition and discipline is definitely a good thing, but sometimes it’s necessary to just relax and celebrate what has already been accomplished.

Special occasions like birthdays for me are opportunities to indulge, and remember how far I’ve come.

of course, it’s not really about the ice cream……

It’s about meditating on the goodness of God.

Looking back on another year doesn’t make me feel better about myself, if I truly think about it, that reflection reminds me of God’s grace. One experience after another will remind me of the Lord’s patient love on my behalf, protection, and guiding hand.

The thing is we often don’t take the time to evaluate where we have been, since our eyes are focused on the future. So all those blessings of God are forgotten.

Which is why we must take the time to celebrate what God has done.

And if you have to get some special ice cream while doing that (don’t forget to share with the dog) then that just makes it better.

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