It’s Not About the Coffee

One of the unique things about living on the mission field is it’s hard to surprise me with Christmas gifts. Because they come from the US and I’m in SVG, the present cannot just be returned if they don’t work. So every year my family asks me what I want (within reason) and they send it to me.

This year I actually had a strange request for the Christmas present…..

A Bunn coffee maker!

About three years ago I got my first Bunn coffee maker (referred to as “old faithful”) and it actually still works. But after lots of use it needed to be replaced by a newer model.

Now many people may see this as strange since coffee is just coffee!

But you see, it isn’t about the coffee…….

It’s about the memories connected to the coffee

I never drank coffee till coming to Australia as a missionary. Once the first cup of cappuccino was placed in my hand, I was hooked. Once I came back from Australia on furlough, coffee was part of my relationship with my parents. Especially my dad.

During my medical furlough in the summer of 2021 dad and I would do lots of short trips in his truck to Lowes, the grocery store, ect. And each time we would stop at Sheets for two cups of coffee. Lots of conversations took place during those truck rides over coffee (some serious, most not so serious).

Over time good coffee was connected to riding in the truck with dad or sitting on the couch with mom in the morning.

No I can’t be with them right now…..

but I can remember my time with them

A big part of the Christian life is spiritual growth. But we must also remember fond memories of the past. Because we often don’t cling to those memories hard enough.

Driving down the hill from our house in West Virginia (We call it Wilburn Hill) one Saturday I stopped to think this may be the last time I could be with mom and dad before they passed. Of course, I’d rather it not be that way, but we cannot change God’s plans. In that moment I committed myself to drinking more coffee, and spending more quality time with mom and dad while I could.

Yes, I love the smell of fresh coffee from my new coffee pot in the morning.

but I love the precious memories connected to that coffee more.

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