God is There

One Saturday morning in 2019 I was sitting on the porch having my devotions when a majestic rainbow appeared in the sky! In a way it was as if God had given to me a special reminder of HIs presence while I studied His word.

I love those God moments when He feels so close…..

But also know that God is close even when He feels far away.

We want life to be like that calm Saturday morning with an open Bible, sunshine, and a gorgeous rainbow on the horizon. But often it is a violent thunderstorm instead that brings chaos instead of peace.

When this happens it’s easy to wonder where God went.

But the truth is He never moved!

God promises His constant presence to us as Believers through the good times, and the bad. However though we will have the presence of God, we may not have the CLOSENESS OF GOD.

There are moments of life like that Saturday morning when we are on a mountaintop spiritually, and God’s so close it’s as if we can reach out at touch Him. But the normal Christian life is in the valley where God doesn’t feel as close.

In those moments when we cannot rely on our emotions, we must rely on the character of God.

  1. God has promised to never leave me
  2. God has not lost control (He has a plan for what is happening)
  3. Whatever God brings into my life is for my good
  4. The weaker I am physically/emotionally the more I rely on God’s strength

In every moment can be rest in the fact that God’s there even when we cannot see Him.

As a child I was very scared of the dark. So, like many children I would ask my parents to put a chair just outside the door and wait till I feel asleep. I usually trusted them to do this, but sometimes wondered if they were actually there. So I’d call and every time that I can remember they would respond “yes John I am here.” With that peace in my heart, I was able to sleep soundly.

You may not see God dear friend but trust me, He is there.

2 responses to “God is There”

  1. Praying for you and your work there !!
    Just got back from a cruise where we went to PR
    DR Saint Kits St Marteen
    For the life of me – I could not remember what island you were on !!! But after seeing those islands – it gave me a vision for the souls you are reaching !!


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