Love in Any Language

In 2019 I began teaching classes at a local Bible College. Over the months the Lord allowed me to not only share many important lessons but develop friendships.

During a bible conference that year one student from Grenada ran up to me and said “Preacher! (he always called me that) I’m going to make you my national dish.” The next day he gave me a bowl of what they call “oil down” and it was actually very delicious.

Of course it wasn’t the food itself that made it delicious (though it was good)…..

It was the fact that he made it for me!

I’m sure he made oil down for other men at the conference. But while preparing he made a special effort to make sure I got a bowl of his favorite dish. And that effort made it so delicious.

We often think of gifts in terms or extravagance or their cost. So only the incredibly expensive or elaborate gifts are important. This just isn’t true! A simple act of love like making a dish with someone in mind is a huge act of love.

Because it isn’t about how big the gift is

it is how much of our heart is put into it.

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