Missions Takes a Strong Immune System

The Lord has blessed me physically on the mission field with a strong body that doesn’t get sick much. But in the last months of 2022 that changed.

During October and November colds and the flu ravaged Saint Vincent in waves. Thankfully I was able to escape with only a basic cold in October. But in November I came down with the flu for a week, and then two weeks later struggled with a nasty cold. The cold itself returned in a weaker form during mid-December.

The bottom line is I’ve spent far too much time sick lately!

This experience has reminded me just how important health (a strong immune system) is to ministry. There are physical challenges to missions as well as spiritual ones that must be prepared for. Because of this I’ve made personal health a goal for the 2023 year

The interesting thing is being healthy isn’t complicated! It just involves developing some basic habits.

  1. Take your vitamins
  2. Drink LOTS of water
  3. Get a minimum of seven hours of sleep each night
  4. Eat healthy meals and the proper times
  5. get some exercise (in my case walking)
  6. Do strengthen training (sit ups, push ups, etc)
  7. Take meds at the first sign of illness

See being healthy isn’t complicated…..

but it isn’t easy either!

The Lord through my illnesses has reminded me there is a big difference between being skinny and healthy. Right now I’m doing well when it comes to weight (could lose a pound or two) but my immune system has the nasty habit of constantly picking up viruses.

The Christian life must strive towards health instead of weight loss. Weight loss sees fitting into certain clothes as the goal, health has consistent energy as the goal.

Actually, the goal is reaching others with the Gospel of Christ!

The path to health is a long and hard one, but it’s worth the cost when we can hear the Lord say “well done good and faithful servant.”

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