Sometimes We Fight!

Yesterday morning while working on sermons I heard dogs fighting outside. At first I thought it was in the road, but then realized it was in my yard!

I ran outside to see my dog Vincy on his leash, fighting with a neighbor dog!

I immediately pulled him back by his leash, and got a friend to open the gate the so the neighbor dog could go out.

My friend was actually there when it started and saw the neighbor dog come over the wall in my backyard. He probably was planning to jump back over, but the wall was too high. My friend opened the gate hoping the dog would go out (Vincy was inside with me) but the dog proceeded to begin marking territory in MY YARD!

Eventually Vincy either heard, or smelled the other dog, and the fight was on!

Now normally I’d beat my dog when he fights, but not that time. In fact, I rewarded him with milk-bone dog biscuits! Because the other dog had it coming.

In the same way we don’t go around looking for a fight as Believers….

but sometimes we have to fight!

There are extreme circumstances where the Lord calls us to take a firm stand and boldy say “this is wrong!”

  1. When false doctrine is preached
  2. When religious freedom is removed
  3. When sin is celebrated
  4. When Believers wander from the Lord
  5. When the unsaved become hardened towards the Gospel

There is a balance here that must be kept. We cannot fight over everything, but we must be willing to fight about something! And we must clearly know what things we are willing to fight over.

I saw a tweet this afternoon that explains that well.

May the Lord help us know what hills to die on, and have the courage to stand firm.

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