Rising When We Fall (Micah 7:8)

I used to think missionaries are super-Christians who never sin or have struggles. Then I became one!

The truth is missionaries aren’t perfect people. They are Believers God has called to special service that can only be completed by His grace instead of their strength. This means missions isn’t about working harder, but relying upon the Lord.

Because we aren’t perfect all of us will fall spiritually sometimes….

but through Christ we can get back up!

I love Micah 7:7-9 because it shares the proper response to our spiritual failures. He first turns to the Lord in prayer (confession) (7:7). Micah then expresses faith that they Lord will restore Him (7:8), and endures the consequences of his sinful actions in the meantime (7:9).

The beauty of this passage is it shows our failure isn’t final. The Lord will restore those who are truly repentant.

This principle is a foundation of hope for ministry because I fail (we all do). And in those moments of sin or weakness Satan comes with an attack of shame or guilt. In essence he will tell us to “stay down because God could never use someone like us” or give up.

In the moments of weakness there will be a big part of me that would want to stay down. But instead I rise.

Not because I am perfect…..

but because God is Gracious.

Obviously, I cannot just continue in sin because God restores the repentant. It is only those who confess their sin and turn from it that will truly receive the victory. At the same time the Lord gives fresh grace for us to rise each time.

The Christian life isn’t for perfect people.

It is for people who admit when they have fallen, and with the Lord’s help keep getting back up.

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