They Don’t Stay Cute

There is a hen in the community who will go from yard to yard looking for things to eat. Over time she decided to adopt my own yard as her main place to stay which was fine by me. Eventually she laid eggs, and one morning was followed by eight fuzzy baby chicks.

Those first baby chicks were cute and fun to see. I even let my nieces and nephews name them (one was actually named Bob)!

But then they started to dig up my yard and eat vegetables….

Suddenly they weren’t so cute anymore!

Sin is a lot like those chicks because it often starts out as a small insignificant thing that doesn’t attract attention. But what was cute and funny will grow to cause great damage.

Eventually I decided to put an end to the baby chicks

  1. By finding where the mother hen was laying her eggs
  2. And by eliminating the chicks when they were in my yard (I’d love to keep them, but not fast enough to catch them)

Because sin doesn’t stay cute for fun we must take care of it while it is small. Because it will grow quickly.

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