Life is Too Short for Weak Coffee

My guard-dog Vincy has a lot of jobs. He is a fearless protector, doorbell (If I don’t hear someone come), and keeps other animals out of my yard. Usually, he eats cheap dog food and likes it (Good dog food is very expensive here). But every once in a while, I get to spoil him.

In 2019 I got to do that by bringing a big bag of Pedigree in my Christmas barrel.

Once the bag arrived, I had a decision to make. Do I ration the Pedgree by mixing it with cheaper food so it will last longer or give Vincy only Pedigree even though it will go faster.

It didn’t take long to decide he deserved to eat just Pedigree!

So he ate Pedigree alone for a few months, and REALLY enjoyed it!

I’m a big fan of being frugal (nice way of saying cheap) because it allows you to save more money that can be used in ministry towards others. And there are things that you either cannot get in SVG, or are too expensive to deal with, so you just do without.

But sometimes God gives special blessings so you can enjoy them. And in those seasons, you must stop being frugal.

To use my own illustration every year I bring good American coffee in my Christmas barrel. It’s tempting to make very weak coffee with the good stuff so it will last longer, but instead make it strong. It’s better to enjoy the blessings of God fully for a short time than to experience it in a weaker way.

There is nothing wrong with being frugal friends as long as we do it for the right reason.

But when the Lord blesses us abundantly, we worship Him by giving out just Pedigree and enjoying the strong American coffee.

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