Dreams Grow Slowly

The word “refuge” is a big part of my plans for 2023. I wrote last week about my house being a refuge for spiritual renewal for the next day’s ministries. But that is just one part of the vision.

The other part is creating a refuge in the backyard for people to learn more about God.

One of the challenges in Barrouallie is it needs better gathering places. Most people will stop and relax themselves at local rum shops which not only sells alcohol but brings lots of confusion (loud noise and profanity). More than one unsaved friend has expressed the desire for a place where they could just relax in peace.

The Lord planted a dream in my heart to make my backyard that refuge. A place of calmness within the chaos where people can sit down with friends, have a meal, and learn from the Word of God.

The problem is that dream has a lot of different projects to accomplish….projects that cost money!

Unfortunately, I allowed the large size of that burden and it’s financial responsibility to keep me from doing anything! And with the new year that had to change.

Last week I got a friend to build up the wall surrounding my house to add more protection and privacy. It also allows my guard-dog Vincy to run free in the yard. I also got another friend working on a “baby grill” for many future barbecues, and planning to start a baking ministry with a young lady in the community with my funds.

We are even discussing a basic treehouse and tire swing!

Things are understandably moving very slow right now. It wasn’t necessarily exciting to watch my friend put steel into the wall so my dog could run free, but it began the process.

The truth is dreams almost always move slowly

Everyone is excited when the dream becomes a reality. But few are faithful in the slow days of hard work and sacrifice. Those first steps often seem incredibly insignificant when thinking of the dream itself.

But we take those small steps anyway. Because the most important step in a dream isn’t the last one with crowds cheering, but the first one when nobody is around.

With the Lord’s help the wall project will be finished this week, and I can turn my attention to getting the baby grill made. May the Lord give grace and strength to see the job through.

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