Sometimes it is an Easy Fix

I absolutely love my Nisan Sunny (Altima) but shortly after I purchased it, a problem started. It would run the AC every morning till about 9:00, but then wouldn’t run anymore for the rest of the day.

I took it to a place for the AC unit to be serviced and it worked properly for two-weeks, and then broke again!

To be honest I was kind of frustrated with it only working for two-weeks, so just got used to being without AC. About four years later during my medical furlough in 2021 I loaned the car to a friend so he could keep it in good condition while I was gone.

We talked on the phone one afternoon and he said nonchalantly “oh I fixed your AC!”

Shocked I asked him how he did it

He explained that a wire connection with the unit had come loose. So once that wire was tightened, it worked like new!

Sometimes in life we experience problems or challenges that seem absolutely huge. Because they are so massive, we just never deal with them (like me and the AC). But just because a problem is massive doesn’t mean it needs a big fix. Sometimes it is just a loose wire.

But even if it isn’t, we must face the challenges of life with confidence instead of just letting the problem continue. If I’d kept working on the AC problem the wire problem would have been discovered quickly. Instead, I spent four years without AC!

Just because a problem is big dear friends is no reason not to try.

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