You Will Fall Down

In January 2020 I was excited about teaching a class on Theology I (my first theology course) at the Bible College. My heart looked forward to sharing and explaining the deep truths of Scripture to students that would provide the foundation for future ministry.

And then I showed up for the first day for class with a black eye!

The funny thing is I have absolutely no idea how I got that black eye! Obviously it didn’t come from anything violent, probably was reaching for something on a shelf like a cup, and the cup hit me in the eye.

As you came imagine the students enjoyed giving me a hard time about the black eye, and making up outlandish stories about how I got it.

I didn’t get angry but simply laughed along….

Because you must have a sense of humor.

Life gives us scars as I wrote a few days ago. When those scars come, we must continue serving since the Lord is glorified in our weakness. But we must also have fun with it….and not take ourselves too seriously.\

Life is filled with embarrassing moments. And how we respond to those moments reveals a lot about what is in our own hearts. People who respond with anger or isolation (don’t want anyone to see) reveal a heart of someone who always has to be in control. People who submit to the humiliation, and learn from it reveal a heart of someone who doesn’t have to always win.

We will fall down (and occasionally get a black eye)

But those experiences are meant to break down our pride, and lead us to dependence upon the Lord.

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