Ask the Hard Questions

In January 2020 the Lord allowed me to begin teaching Theology Classes at the Bible College. This was a very challenging experience, and at the same time very rewarding.

Challenging because we would dig deep into the truths of Scripture….

Rewarding because we got to wrestle with hard questions

Most questions with Scripture have easy answers within the context, or cross-references. However, there are some questions that are very difficult to answer. Often those hard questions are understandably ignored because people don’t have the knowledge to answer them, or there isn’t a place where those questions can be wrestled with.

Thankfully Bible College is one of those places

The Lord helped us through our theology classes to answer difficult questions

  1. Like what is the Atonment?
  2. Do we believe in an unlimited, or limited Atonement? (the Biblical answer is Unlimited)
  3. How does Election fit into the Atonement? Is Foreknowledge the same thing as Election?
  4. What was the cup that Jesus asked the Father to remove in Gethsemene?
  5. How was Christ separated (forsaken) by the Father on the cross?

Slowly we were able to give solid answers to these questions using Scripture.

The Lord through these classes reminded me that hard questions deserve real answers.

Sometimes we offer basic or simple answers to these questions in teaching or preaching because there isn’t time to give a deeper answer. But there must be a place within the church for those deeper answers to be explained.

Eventually those hard questions will be asked by the unsaved we meet daily. So we must give training that allows Believers to with an open Bible give a real answer.

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