You Will Burn Out (1 Samuel 27:6)

During late 2022 I began preaching through the life of David as God prepared him to become king. He was incredibly faithful to the Lord through stressful situations like being constantly hunted by Saul and betrayed by those around him. David even displayed faith in the Lord’s deliverance by refusing to take vengeance upon Saul when he had the opportunity.

But eventually even the great King David burned out

Burnout refers to being beaten down physically, spiritually, and emotionally because of life’s challenges. Burnout itself isn’t sinful since as humans we are unable to deal with problems on our own. The sin is how we respond to burnout.

David decided that he would go live with the Philistines for a while so Paul would stop chasing him (27:1). They would allow this of course since Saul was a great enemy of the Philistines, and they would eventually kill him.

The original plan was to cause Saul to stop chasing David so he could have some peace (27:3-4), but after this happened, he asked the King of Achish for country land where he could dwell (27:5-6).

There was nothing sinful about David’s needing a season of rest…..

But staying in the comfortable place was VERY SINFUL!

There is an incredibly fine line between having periods of rest in ministry for renewal, and giving up. The dangerous thing about this giving up is you often don’t stop doing the work of God. You just do it in a comfortable or passive way. David himself even continued to kill God’s enemies while living with the Philistines, but had to do it dishonestly (27:10-12).

Much like David we can fall in love with the comfortable life. This leads him to build a country house in the Philistine territory where war couldn’t reach, it leads us to live firmly within our comfort zone.

Ministry within the comfort zone cannot glorify God because it will always be average, and avoid risks.

Ministry within the comfort zone is actually more common than we think.

  1. you just go through the motions
  2. Put off what you know God wants to be done
  3. Work is done in your own strength
  4. Emphasis is on experience instead of true growth

The problem is inside all of us is a part that would rather have a comfortable country house than fight on the front lines. We must fight that desire with a motivation that comes the Gospel, and God’s grace to us.

We can take breaks occasionally when burnout comes

But never stay there

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