The Power of a Mouse Click

Christmas 2019 for me was a day of enjoyment with friends and family. But it was also a reminder just how easy it is to make an incredibly foolish mistake.

My family had a running joke over three years from 2017 to 2019. It was done innocently and in fun but wasn’t something that should be shared online.

In a moment of weakness I shared it trying to be funny….

and ended up taking it down later on that day when friends shared their concerns.

I am not upset at them because they were right to tell me it should be taken down. Inside jokes (particularly between family members) don’t have the necessary background information or context online. So they can be interpreted to mean something they really don’t

Sharing that joke wasn’t my real mistake though.

The real mistake that day was drifting from my purpose of using social media to edify and encourage others.

Websites such as Facebook and Twitter are tools that can be used greatly for the Kingdom of God. Unfortunately, they usually are often used to make people feel better about themselves, or entertain others.

Years ago, I committed myself not to share things online that wouldn’t glorify the Lord. That inside joke (though innocent) didn’t glorify Him since it led to confusion and concern. And that experience reminded me just how much power is one mouse click.

Just one foolish click of the mouse can have a dramatic impact upon ministry!

I am thankful for this reminder from the Lord, and Godly friends who showed me the error of my ways. And by God’s grace I’ve remembered since just how powerful a mouse click is.

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