Time is Precious

For Christmas my brother sent me an old watch that he’s no longer using. The truth is being used makes the watch itself more precious than if it was brand new. Because my brother Michael is an extremely disciplined person who uses his time wisely.

So that watch whenever I wear it sends a special message….

time is precious.

My brother very rarely wastes time. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t relax since rest is a part of his life. But he is task or mission oriented, and won’t let anything distract him from those completing those tasks.

Sadly, this world this world is filled with time wasters….

  1. Netflix and other streaming services: It’s almost impossible to watch just one episode
  2. Facebook or Twitter: These apps are created specifically to keep our attention over extended periods of time
  3. And Smartphones: Carrying computers in our pockets can lead to constant distraction

This makes it harder than ever to carry out uninterrupted work. What is supposed to be two or three minutes online ends up being more than a half hour!

Being surrounded by time wasters leads to an incredibly busy day that doesn’t actually accomplish anything.

We are continually doing tasks….

but they are all accomplished in a quick or basic manner while distracted.

The Biblical response to this is as I’ve said to see time as precious. In other words, every minute is a gift that can either be invested or wasted. Investment would be focusing on work, drawing closer to the Lord, and getting ourselves organized. Wasted minutes are spent on entertianment.

This is why I need my brothers watch. Because it is a not so gentle reminder how many minutes I waste on entertainment instead of investing in work. And it is a challenge to reject the distractions that take away my focus from the Lord’s purpose.

There is nothing wrong with relaxing at the end of the day with some entertainment. But entertaining ourselves when we should be working is a serious sin.

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