The Beautiful and Ugly Side of the Island

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to host my field administrator and his wife with Baptist Mid Missions as they visited SVG. We had a wonderful time visiting areas of the island, meeting pastors, and learning more about the need.

I was careful during the week to show them the beauty of Saint Vincent, and why I feel in love with this country…..

but I also showed them the ugly side.

There will be good and bad things going on no matter where you go. The temptation is to emphasize what is good, and completely avoid what is bad. But having a clear view of both helps others understand the needs of the field.

During the week we did a lot of driving, and took A LOT of pictures!

One of the best ones we took is from an area referred to as “point” found shortly before entering the community of Owia. Those of you reading this on my website can see a picture taken from point as a header of this post. It looks down at Owia’s major beach in spectacular fashion.

Pictures like that showed the beautiful side of the island

but after descending into the community, we saw a side that wasn’t as beautiful…

  1. People struggling with poverty
  2. Individuals whose lives are consumed by rum and marijuana.
  3. Signs of violence
  4. And men who were more interested in their own needs than caring for their family.

This process of seeing a beautiful side from a distance, but ugly side close up was repeated in other areas during the week.

honestly part of me just wanted to spend the week taking pictures of the beautiful parts of the island and act as if the sinful parts didn’t exist. But it’s the ugly side that develops a burden for the people

The truth is we all have an ugly sinful side (myself included). There is a beautiful side of life where we have everything under control, then the other side that struggles with a sin-nature. Satan would have us cover up that ugly side acting as if it doesn’t exist. But of course it’s still there no matter how much we ignore it!

Instead of covering up our ugly side, the Lord would have us confess it, and own it through repentance. Practically this means admitting this side exists and asking the Lord to transform our hearts. It also means inviting trusted Believers into our lives who can help us fight that sinful habit.

My field administrator and his wife took lots of amazing pictures last week….

but when thinking about SVG, probably won’t remember the pictures.

They will remember the people who struggled with sin

Believers who were challenged by poverty

And men who refused to lead

It’s as they took a close look at the island’s ugly side that the Lord developed a burden for the Vincentian people.

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