You Can’t Always Be Ready

Last Wednesday night I was driving my field administrator and his wife home from speaking at church for prayer meeting. We were talking about our plans for the next day and what the Lord was doing on the field.

Suddenly I heard a loud smash….

And saw my driver side mirror was shattered!

Vincentian roads are quite small, so you have to be careful about staying on the proper side. Occasionally when coming around a curve a driver will begin to drift into the other lane, this is commonly referred to as “coming off your hand,”

This drifting usually doesn’t cause a serious issue since the cars aren’t close enough to have an accident. The worst thing that can happen is your drivers mirrors will touch. The mirrors here are made to collapse (fold back) so in this situation usually the only thing that will happen is your mirror gets folded back.

Unfortunately, an individual was coming off his hand at a very high rate of speed Wednesday night. So fast that instead of collapsing like it was supposed to, the impact of the mirrors touching shattered mine, spraying glass over myself and the field administrator!

Thankfully after stopping and checking (the other vehicle didn’t stop) nothing else was damaged on the car. So we continued on our way home.

That experience reminded me of an important point…..

You can’t be ready for everything!

Of course, there is nothing wrong with planning, or being prepared. But every once in a while, something will come flying around the corner, and take you by surprise. In these moments, we rest in the providence of God.

Scripture teaches us that God knows everything and is in control of everything. This means He cannot be surprised by what happens to us. EVERY EXPERIENCE is not only planned by Him but used for His glory. In these surprising moments we often see the Lords goodness.

For instance, if the other vehicle was a few feet over he probably would have made direct impact with my car, doing considerable damage. Or if I was veering off of my hand, then there could have been a serious collision. Also God’s grace is seen in the fact that no other part of the car was damaged, and the car mirror can be used (somewhat) till a replacement is found.

We don’t know what’s coming around the blind corners of life

But God does,

And He has a plan.

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