A Large Mission Field

In early 2019 I was walking to a nearby community in order to pick up my vehicle from the mechanic. While on the way there I took this picture from an elevated hill of Barroullie.

This picture reminds me the community is bigger than I think….

And a massive amount of people live there!

It is easy sometimes to have a smaller view of the mission field because I minister to those in the immediate area of Barrouallie. But sometimes it is necessary to get a larger view. Because that picture zooms out in order to see those who haven’t been reached yet.

And an understanding of those unreached areas strengthens my burden.

The temptation is to become satisfied with areas or people that have been reached through evangelism and discipleship. Satan will tell me I’ve done enough and its okay to become satisfied with what’s already been accomplished.

That may make sense when walking the streets of Barrouallie…

but my heart breaks when looking at Barrouallie as a whole.

Of course the Lord may not allow me to reach all of the people in this picture (by the way it only shows one side of the community). But that should not keep me from trying to reach them.

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