The Gospel Grows Slowly

For years I have done Bible clubs in an area of Barrouallie, two girls Susan and Mellissa (not their real names) will come almost every time I’m there. Through songs, memory verses, bible stories, and activities I patiently explained the Gospel.

I firmly believe that Salvation is a personal choice…

So I’ll often tell the children if they ever want to know how to be saved, then they should ask me to explain it.

Because I work with large groups, this would give me an opportunity to sit down with them individually (groups of two at the most) and explain the Gospel clearly before asking if they would like to accept Christ. They can accept the Lord without me there of course, but I have found the direct presentation of the Gospel helps.

Monday I was telling them a Bible story about the tabernacle and a lamb being killed to cover people’s sins so their heart could be clean. Towards the end of the lesson Susan said “you were supposed to tell me already!” I asked what she meant, and Susan explained I’d promised to tell her how to go to Heaven.

Honestly, I don’t remember her asking me, but believe it was the Holy Spirit convicting Susan’s heart about the need of Salvation. So I promised to show her the next day how to go to Heaven, and Melissa excitedly said “I want to hear too!”

With the help of some visual aids I explained the Gospel to them on Tuesday…

But they didn’t really need it.

Both Susan and Melissa chose to pray and accept Christ as their Savior on Tuesday afternoon. While sometimes a conversion may be questionable, I do truly believe they are saved.

I came back Wednesday, and we were reviewing a Bible verse when Melissa jumped up and said “I need to get something!” She came back and handed me a small children’s storybook (Melissa is six). “What is this?” I asked her, and she responded “it’s my Bible!”

She proceeded to tell everyone about how she’d asked God to save her yesterday, and Jesus made her dirty heart clean.

Missions is a struggle sometimes because it seems as if people hear the Gospel so many times, but refuse to accept it. Yet Scripture promises that it will bear fruit.

The problem is we want an “instant Gospel” that saves someone the first time they heart it! While God sometimes works in that way, Salvation usually comes slowly.

I could have forced Susan and Melissa to make a commitment to Salvation before they were truly ready. But this would be like ripping a carrot out of the ground before it has fully grown. Besides, my job isn’t to save people. It is to explain the Gospel, pray, and gently lead them towards Christ.

The seed of the Gospel will tranform lives.

but I must give it time to work

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