Worth the Expense

This morning I was walking by the school with a stack of chick tracts in my hand. My eyes were draw to a little boy walking to school with this sister because he was carrying a chick tract I’d given him Friday in his left hand!

One of the challenges of missions is there are certain things you cannot get here. So they need to be purchased from the US, sent a shipping agent, and shipped to SVG. As you can imagine that can become expensive

The truth is there are a lot of things I can do without here since it’s a wiser use of God’s money. But there are certain items that absolutely have to be purchased and brought in.

And tracts are one of those items!

The interesting thing is there’s a part of me that want’s to “save the tracts” or don’t give them out so generously since it costs money to bring them in. Of course, that sounds good at first, till we realize that is just an excuse to not share the Gospel.

So I give out as many as possible

and bring in more when necessary

Because somethings are worth the expense

To see the excitement on people’s faces as they read (and reread) those tracts make it worth it. Hearing a boy ask for a particular chick tract BY NAME makes it worth it. Multiple people stopping me in the road and asking me if I have a tract makes it worth it.

Sadly, somedays even as a missionary I listen to Satan’s excuse as to why I shouldn’t pass out tracts today.

But with the Lords help, most days I ignore those excuses, and go out anyways.

Because It is worth it.

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