Remember the Good Days

This morning I will visit with an older lady (she is eighty) one last time before going to the US tomorrow for two-weeks. This visit will bring me happiness like it always does, but it also fills my heart with sadness.

Because I remember what she used to be before the pandemic

The picture above is from a visit in January 2020 before Covid took over. She was able to read clearly from a small Bible story book and coherently talk about the experiences of the week. Once Covid hit however, she was stuck at home (couldn’t come to church) and her mind deteriorated. Today she struggles greatly with dementia, telling me she sees things that never really happened.

I’m not making a political statement about Covid. It’s natural for her mind to weaken when separated from interaction with others.

Though there is some sadness in my heart when I visit her, there are moments when she remembers the good days.

  1. The days she spent as a child in Goergetown
  2. The stories she has told me many times (but has forgotten)
  3. The hours we used to spend reading Scripture on her porch

So I help her remember the good days

Because that moment of recognition in her eyes makes it all worth it

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