Unlocking New Beginnings

A few weeks ago I was teaching a Bible lesson when a little boy stopped me and asked, “Mr. John why are you wearing that key?” Immediately one of the little girls replied “His girlfriend Miss Amy gave it to him” and explained the key around my neck fits the heart pendant she wears.

I smiled because that girl knew what my key stood for……

but mostly because part of me never expected to hear the words “His girlfriend”

Over the years the Lord has faithfully opened many doors of ministry for me in Australia, as well as Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. And I entered all of those ministries single. This didn’t lead to an attitude of anger or hostility, but there were a few times over the years when I wondered why the Lord kept me that way. However, I was satisfied serving Him as a single young man for His glory.

Last summer while my father filled in for a pastor in Ohio, he and mom met a young lady who truly impressed them with her character. They encouraged me to start emailing or texting her, but I wasn’t too interested in the idea.

It’s not that I wasn’t interested in the young lady (her name is Amy)….

it was because I’d pretty much given up on dating or marriage if it was God’s Will.

There were a few conversations with my parents about this but one sticks in my mind. I was driving to visit a shut-in and texting my father about the possibility of texting Amy. I told him I’d pretty much given up, and he sent a response saying, “well don’t give up just yet.”

To make a long story short I didn’t give up. And I’m incredibly thankful I didn’t!

What began as communication on messenger transferred to WhatsApp with phone calls and Bible studies. And over that time the Lord drew us together in love.

The honest truth is I see myself serving the rest of my life with Amy by my side, and she feels the same way. We are open to God’s leading and working however. And are committed to doing His work, His way, in His time.

I still wear that key around my neck almost all of the time. Partly because it symbolizes my love for Amy, and partly because it shows we should never give up on the desires God places in our hearts.

5 responses to “Unlocking New Beginnings”

  1. An amazing story of Gods work and directing. How else could this story come about and two lives come together in such an amazing way..
    You both are and will be blessed


  2. The faithfulness of an all knowing God to those who are faithfully fulfilling ministry for Him


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