A Time of Spiritual Renewal

I should probably begin this post with the words “I’m sorry” since this is the first time I’ve posted anything since Valentine’s Day (February 14). The truth is, I actually wrote that post the week before. So, I haven’t written anything for my blog in just over four weeks!

On February 12 I flew to the States for a two-week period of rest and renewal.

While there was physical and mental renewal, it was primarily spiritual

The Lord allowed me along with other Caribbean missionaries to attend a Bible Conference in Orlando Florida from February 13 to 15. This conference was a time to encouragement and edification since it was centered on the preaching of the Word of God.

It was a great blessing for me to just simply be fed spiritually instead of preaching to others. It is a great honor to preach the Word of God every week (one I’m incredibly thankful for) yet there is a difference between preaching to others and being preached too (edified personally).

This conference reminded me how important it is to step aside from ministry occasionally so that I can be ministered to myself.

The greatest part of this renewal wasn’t the preaching though…..

it was understanding I wasn’t alone

The Devil loves to isolate us as Christians. This is especially true for those involved in full-time ministry. One of his favorite ways of doing this is to discourage our hearts, and then tell us we are the only ones who ever felt that way.

Mentally we know that isn’t true.

But emotionally it’s easy to live as if it is by isolating ourselves from others when we are struggling instead of sharing those struggles.

Listening to preachers at that conference stand and share their own hearts (and struggles) reminded me that these struggles are a normal part of the Christian life. They also pointed to the goodness of God that was found in those periods of hardship.

I left that conference knowing the struggle wasn’t going away (in fact it would probably get worse!) but that’s okay, because I didn’t stand alone. Men of God in Saint Vincent and America stood with me.

The two-weeks in America did bring a period of emotional and physical renewal which I’m thankful for. But I treasure the knowledge that I’m not alone most of all.

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