Prioritizing Memories Over Ministry

My two-week stay in the States was a great encouragement because it brought spiritual renewal (you can read about that here and here). But it also brought emotional encouragement.

That encouragement came from spending time with family…..

And prioritizing memories over ministry

The last three days in the States were strange for me (they always are). Part of me always is anxious to get back into ministry, while at the same time part of me enjoys being with family and friends.

Sadly, that kind of struggle means I can be present, without actually being present. It’s possible to be physically present with people, while completely distracted mentally.

Thankfully the Lord helped me understand this wasn’t just disrespectful to my family, but prioritized the wrong thing.

The ministry will always be there…..

but the opportunity to make memories won’t

The Lord gave me an amazing opportunity to create special memories a few days before leaving. My family (along with my girlfriend Amy) organized a small birthday party with gifts, cards, and amazing food.

I was honestly overwhelmed opening those cards and presents that included commentaries, cash, and a t-shirt that says “my girlfriend is amazing” (which she is).

Memories like that are precious because they motivate us in the hard times. They are reminders we don’t face challenges alone, and loved ones stand with us.

Yes I could have returned to Saint Vincent and dived into the work sooner.

But I would have missed a wonderful reminder that friends and family deeply love me.

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