Going Back to War

Thursday afternoon my suitcase was already packed, weighed (multiple times) and sitting by my parents front door in preparation for my flight Saturday.

It was a way of keeping organized…..

But especially on Friday it was a mental preparation for returning to the field.

As I’ve written this week times in the States are for making memories, and celebrating what God has done. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this! But that time of restoration cannot keep me from returning to the field. In other words, its okay to rest, but you cannot stay that way.

Usually my last day in the States a mental focus must change. I spent the Friday morning shopping with my mom for items that will come in my Christmas barrel which was a lot of fun. But that afternoon my mind began to focus on returning to the field.

Basically this mental preparation is preparing to enter a warzone.

The Christian life is a war since Satan does not want us to glorify God. Obviously ministry is spiritual warfare as well since Satan doesn’t want the unsaved to place their faith in Christ. Preparing for this kind of war isn’t about fighting in your own strength, but faithfully doing the work of God.

I hit the ground running after returning to SVG preaching on Sunday, and teaching a two-week Bible college class on the minor-prophets starting Monday. I won’t have it any other way since it’s a blessing to be busy. But this means I must be spiritually and emotionally prepared for warfare.

The Bible tells us that David after being chased by Saul constantly went to live with the Philistines in order to get some peace (1 Samuel 27:1-5). We can debate whether this is sinful (I believe it is) but this was supposed to be a short break from hardship. Instead David chose to move into the country area, and lived there for sixteen months (1 Samuel 17:5-6). So he chose to live in comfort instead of going back into the battle.

Scripture teaches us there’s nothing wrong with putting your sword down for a while and get much needed rest…but you must pick it up again soon.

I am thankful for my time in the States because it allowed me to gain energy and perspective, while making wonderful ministries.

But I’m especially thankful because it prepares me for the upcoming spiritual battles.

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