They Remember Your Love

I believe it was 2019 when at the closing of a college class on Friday, the students didn’t have lunch, Technically they didn’t want to wait till the lunch arrived because the only thing on Fridays is the exam (usually finished by 10:30).

One of them asked if I’d buy KFC for them….

and a tradition was begun!

In recent years since the pandemic I give students cash for lunch. But pre-pandemic we would all pile into my car (six people), drive to KFC, and eat it at the college.

Taking them to KFC wasn’t a huge thing.

But I believe to them it was much more than just fast-food.

The thing about acts of kindness is they don’t have to be huge. It can be as simple as a car-ride to KFC, and a $25 meal. This is because those acts take their own needs into consideration.

For instance, Bible College students who are paying off their school bill view KFC as a luxury. Also since none of them have a vehicle, leaving campus is a treat as well.

Those KFC trips are precious to me because they show love isn’t found in the massive acts.

It’s found in the small ones that speak to their need.

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