The Legacy Lives On

In 2019 I taught two classes covering “The Life of Christ.” It was enjoyable teaching this class, but the real joy was using my own textbook from Carolina University (Piedmont Bible College in those days) from class with Dr. Wayne WIllis.

Teaching from that book made me incredibly thankful for the education I received from Piedmont….

And challenged me to share that education with others.

Looking back on my Bible College years I’m reminded on the amazing professors who poured their hearts and souls into me as a young adult. Men like Dr. Willis, Dr. Bowman, Mr. Legrand and countless others taught me not only theological truth, but practical truth. I find myself now sharing those lessons with Caribbean young men who are entering the ministry.

In a way that’s the legacy of Biblical education…..

Truth that lives on long after it has shared.

The lessons that the men and women of Piedmont taught me have been multiplied as countless Pastors, missionaries, and teachers have shared those same truths around the world. So though those professors may not be there any longer, their truth is spreading faster than ever before.

It is a joy and honor to share the precious truths that men of God like Dr. Willis imparted to me.

And my prayer that those truths will spread like wildfire through the caribbean.

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