Missions is Baby Steps

Last December I got some seeds from the US and carefully planted a garden in my backyard. My mind was filled with dreams of a community garden where the poor who had no food could come and get something to eat.

That excitement began to fade when my garden didn’t start growing….

and by mid-February I had to admit it was a failure.

My problem wasn’t the vision, but the application of my dream. I simply started too big! Instead of trying to grow a large garden, it would be better to plant a small amount of vegetables in pots with proper nutrients. This would ensure they get the necessary water, and can be transported to areas where it’s easiest to grow.

A big part of missions is admitting when things are a failure. This isn’t sinful or low self-esteem because the truth is that attempt did fail! It’s better to face the painful truth my garden attempt didn’t work out than to act as if it did.

But that’s just part of the response.

we must also own WHY that failure takes place.

and so often it’s because we “tried to do too much.”

God in His sovereignty places “big dreams” in our hearts and minds like my community garden. We often forget that the one who gave us that vision is the one who will complete the vision. So the dream must be done God’s way, and in His timing. This usually means taking baby steps like putting the vegetables in small plants instead of making a large garden.

Taking baby steps is incredibly hard because we live in an instant society where almost anything can be gained within minutes. We then try to build the work of God instantly, and find quickly it doesn’t work that way!

But the real struggle with baby steps is it doesn’t put the spotlight on us.

We like to be the center of attention doing huge things for God! But the Lord gets greater glory from Christians who faithfully do things that nobody sees.

Putting a potted plant on a table and faithfully watering it doesn’t draw attention to me

and that’s the point.

Though it was tough admitting my initial attempt at a community garden failed I’m grateful that it did. Because it was an important reminder God doesn’t work through my doing everything myself, but faithful baby steps.

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