We Give the World an Inch, but it Takes a Mile

A very difficult part of missions is being on the outside looking in at what is happening in America. Over the years I’ve seen the Country I was born in, and will always love fall deeper and deeper into sin.

And had to admit what was obvious…..

America is no longer a Christian nation.

Please allow me to explain!

I am not saying the Lord isn’t at work in America (He definitely is) or there are no Christians who love the Lord. Instead, I’m saying the Nation has been drifting for generations from the Christian values it was built on. That drift has become in recent years a complete rejection of God through inclusivity, transgenderism, and abortion among other things.

The most frightening part of this change is Christians allowed it to happen!

The quote at the top of this post comes from the book “Fools Talk” written in 2015. I highlighted that in my kindle on June 10, 2020. If anything those words are prophetic because we see their fulfillment even stronger nine years later.

Most people when looking at this quote will focus on the LGBT Portion…..

but the truth is America’s compromise started much earlier than that!

The drift started with small compromises that didn’t seem to make a difference at all. The world will ask us to concede just an inch (because that’s all they want anyways) and by the time we realize they’ve taken a mile it’s far too late.

It’s not by desire to deal with this whole issue in one blog post since it is far too complex.

But simply point out the world will never be satisfied with that small compromise.

What truly frightens me is I can see Saint Vincent and the Grenadines beginning to slowly compromise it’s standards. Oh it at the level of America yet! But that’s the point, we cannot wait till it gets that far.

There is a path back for America and every other Country.

It is to take a stand against wickedness, and not give an inch to the world.

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