Stop Eating Junk!

The Lord has blessed me with physical health most of my time in Saint Vincent. Apart from the occasional cold, I don’t struggle with many things.

Except for stomach problems!

Nausea and diarrhea were common issues for me during my first years in Saint Vincent. At first I had no idea why my stomach was giving me such a hard time. Eventually however, I discovered the culprit.

I was eating junk!!!

By junk I mean too much bread, and pasta’s (empty carbs) while ignoring fruits and vegetables. I’d also ignored one of the best things for my body which is ginger-root and tumeric (not pictured). Ginger root and tumeric are natural resources that when grated and boiled in water can cure a multitude of things. Especially stomach problems!

The thing is I know supplements like ginger are needed to help my body run properly

but I still choose junk food!

Caring for my nausea was a simple (but difficult) process. Stop eating junk, and drink my ginger tea instead. This is difficult because my body craves junk (and honestly it tastes better). But i’ve learned from experience that choosing healthy things like the ginger and tumeric will help me in the long-run.

Obviously the application is the world offers to us junk food constantly. We find ourselves gorging from Satan’s buffet till we make ourselves sick. The response is to purge the junk from our body, and fill it with what is healthy (glorifies God).

Though it’s taken a long time I’ve begun choosing fruits, vegetables, and natural things like ginger over junk.

Not because it tastes better

but because it makes me better.

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