The War on Innocence

Over the weekend I finished listening to the audiobook version of “stolen youth” by Karol Markowicz, and Bethany Mandel. It is a book that actually made me angry with it’s description of how young children are being indoctrinated by the woke organizations.

Obviously, I knew that Satan wanted control of children’s minds….

But didn’t know just how much influence he had.

The world more than ever has control over the hearts and minds of children. Gone are the innocent days when our greatest concern as children were who we could play with. The most dangerous thing with this loss of innocence is we don’t even realize it happens sometimes!

Satan is influencing the hearts of youth with social media, music, and television. So we must be VERY CAREFUL about what we allow to enter their minds!

We must also bring rules and discipline into their lives at a young age.

This week I sat on the porch of a friend, and we talked about her teenage son. He, like many others, wasn’t doing well in school. What really concerned her was his hanging out with the wrong people, and disobedience.

The interesting thing is he would return to the house at 3:00 am, and expect his mother to continue cooking for him, as well as doing his laundry.

Satan’s attack on innocence usually results in children who want to be “big men (or women)” and a child at the same time. They will go out doing whatever they want (nobody can tell them what to do) and then when they are ready will be cared for by their parents.

Of course, it this is ridiculous because you cannot be an adult and a child at the same time!

My friend sadly had fallen into the trap of caring for her son while he was being disobedient. I don’t blame her because she loved him. But she was feeding his sinful actions by allowing him to do whatever he wanted, and then caring for his needs.

She knew what needed to be done, but didn’t want to do it……

change the lock on the door!

The only way to break the influence of Satan upon the life of her son was to let him go like the prodigal sons father let him go. Only going out into the life of sin can break their pride, and bring back to repentance.

Actually changing her son’s heart didn’t have to take a drastic act like changing the lock

but she allowed him to disobey for far too long.

Books like “Stolen Youth” and conversations with my friend remind me Satan wants the heart of children. And we must protect those at an early age.

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