Christ is Sweeter

In April 2020 my coffee stash from the Christmas barrel that arrived in November was finished. Which meant till next Christmas, I had to drink Maxwell House, or Folgers.

Many people would not have a problem doing this….

But I was a coffee snob who only drinks Folgers or Maxwell House when forced to.

Because I had tasted something much better.

Because most Vincentians don’t drink coffee the higher quality stuff isn’t available in SVG. This usually means at least six-months of drinking lower quality coffee, which I do, but not with a smile on my face!

The difference of coffee reminds me of the difference between the world and Christ. Satan offers us many things in this world promising they can bring happiness. The interesting thing is they do, but their happiness is nothing compared to the happiness found in Christ.

Just like American coffee is sweeter and better than Folgers or Maxwell House, Christ is sweeter than whatever the world offers.

But in order to understand this….they must taste Christ.

I love to see the eyes of friends when they taste some of my good American coffee. That moment they realize SVG coffee is only a counterfeit for the real thing 🙂 In the same way we must continue offering the living water of the Gospel and beg people to drink.

Because once the taste it, they will never be satisfied with what the world offers again.

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