Missions is Showing Grace, Because God Shows Us Grace

A few weeks ago friends saw an Iguana in my backyard. Because its meat is very good, they caught it, skinned it, and took the meat home. Since my friends needed the meat more than me I encouraged them to take it. They did leave a small Ziplock bag full of the meat for me (which I put in the freezer).

I didn’t think much about that meat…..

until someone came asking for it at 10:30 one night!

Because the sun rises earlier here, I’m usually up before 5:00. This also means I go to bed early (say around 9:30). People know this so they are sure to get anything they need from me before that time. Last week I woke up at 10:30 hearing someone call my name from the front gate. Thinking this was as serious issue (someone needed to go to the hospital) I opened the door and walked outside.

Instead the man asked if I still had the Iguana meat in my freezer because he had nothing to cook!!

Not having food is something that happens from time to time here. So I encourage people who need something for a meal, or want a few dollars for food to come see me.

So I wasn’t frustrated about his coming for food.

I was annoyed that he came so late!

Most of the time people can tell when they need something to cook for dinner. This gives them the whole day to come ask for some help. The frustration came from the fact that he chose to come at 10:30 in the evening after I was available the whole day to help.

I didn’t want to give him anything….

but I gave it anyway.

Not because he deserved it

but because God gives me mercy.

In that moment my mind thought of all the times I’d foolishly failed the Lord. And when I returned in shame He didn’t condemn me, instead He restored me in mercy. That mercy is given so that I can reflect mercy and compassion when others have failed.

When we give to others what they don’t deserve, we point them to a Saviour who through his death and resurrection gives us something that we could never deserve!

I haven’t seen the man since that night, he is too ashamed to show his face.

But when I do see him I’ll look right into his eyes, and tell him he is forgiven.

Because God has done the same for me.

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