A Tradition Continues

Last month while paying my rent, the landlord told me he is going to cut down the mango tree in the backyard soon. It’s his tree (and his land) so he has the right to do it if he wants. But part of me will be sad to see it go.

He’s cutting it down because the land behind me which was vacant, has been purchased. The man who owns the new house they are building I believe wants the tree cut down because it may block his view.

Whatever the reason this will probably be the last year my tree bears mangos….

And the last year I can give them away.

The Lord has allowed me to continue the tradition begun by veteran missionaries to give away mangos from the tree by setting them on the wall in front of the house. Those who want to pick mango are welcome to climb the tree and pick (after asking permission first). These mango’s are a blessing to those who need a snack, or even use them for a meal.

Though I will miss the tree…..I’m thankful the Lord helped me use that ministry opportunity faithfully.

It’s easy sometimes to think “I have plenty of time” when the Lord calls us to do something. Satan tells us we can always start doing that ministry later. Yet, often that door of ministry will close much faster than we expect.

Many individuals with good intentions have wasted ministry opportunities because they waited far too long.

Just like my tree, the Lord removes opportunities from our lives. When this happens, we can only find comfort if we have used them faithfully.

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