Missions is Embracing the Sadness

Last Saturday I took a picture standing a few feet from my front gate and sent it to my girlfriend in the States. The pic was to show her the dark clouds on the horizon with just a little bit of sunlight (I enjoy that contrast).

But it also symbolized my discouraged mood.

A combination of rainy weather and lack of ministry activity (We had a four-day weekend) led to me being down emotionally. This was nothing too serious just an emotional valley that goes along with emotional mountaintops.

On down days like this part of me wants to take away the sadness….

But forgets that sadness is actually a tool of God!

In other words, it’s okay to be sad sometimes!

I believe many of us place too much of a focus on being “happy.” When the slightest bit of sadness creeps in we will say “Oh we can’t have that!” and immediately try to make ourselves happy.

But God doesn’t want us to always be happy! Instead he uses seasons of sadness or discouragement to draw us closer to Him.

  1. By highlighting sinful responses to sadness
  2. By showing our weakness, and need of His strength
  3. By reminding us this world is broken (fallen)
  4. and by increasing our faith

So, when sadness comes the proper response isn’t to cover it up but embrace it! As we sit down and question our sadness God can work through it.

  • Why am I sad right now?
  • How is God using this sadness for His glory?
  • How can I ENDURE this sadness instead of trying to ESCAPE it?
  • What close friend or family member can I talk to about this sadness?
  • In what way can I prepare myself for the next sad day?

Walking home last night I looked towards the sea and saw a very dark patch of clouds. But towards the bottom of those clouds, sunlight was streaming through. That was a reminder from God that eventually the darkness will lift!

But until God removes our sorrow, He calls us to faithfully serve Him in it.

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