A Life Without Screens

In the summer of 2020 I made a decision which ended up dramatically impacting my life much more than I ever expected.

It was a decision to start reading physical books.

This didn’t seem like it would make an impact since I read a lot. But most of my reading today comes from my Kindle reader, or a kindle app on my phone. So even the reading was done while “staring at screens”

Staring at screens (using technology) isn’t a sin! But when we stop and think about the amount of time we spend staring at screens (including TV) the results can be overwhelming.

And over time our attention span, mental capacity, and many other things can be adversely affected by screens. Or as one author calls them “Blue screens of death.”

So we must plan time to unplug from screens.

My heart aches when I look at this picture from 2020 because most of my reading today is focused on screens again. But I’m also challenged to put the electronics away, and read a real book.

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