Problems Don’t Go Away

In the summer of 2020 as the Pandemic continued to grow we were thankfully safe in Saint Vincent.

But sadly I had my own personal struggles to deal with.

Because of the bright sun and nearby sea (sun reflects off the ocean) I had developed a cataract in my left eye. It started as something quite small, but by 2020 it was bad enough to begin seriously affecting my sight.

Since there wasn’t an opportunity to get surgery done in the States at that time, and I was encouraged not to get eye surgery done in SVG, I began using reading glasses to help my eye problems.

These did help short-term

But it didn’t last for long.

My eyes continued to deteriorate till I got my surgery a year later in July 2021. By that point my cataract had become a terribly serious problem that affected my quality of life.

The point is we must deal with the real problem instead of ignoring it. I wasn’t ignoring my problem because the pandemic made it almost impossible to leave the country. But often we put off dealing with issues in life until they are a monstrous size. It would be much wiser to face them when they are small!

I’m very grateful for the reading glasses which gave me short-term relief over my problem.

But I knew the problem would just continue growing till I chose to truly fix it.

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