Sanctification is a Process

In the summer of 2020 with some free time on my hands, I committed myself to reading physical books. Technically this would be the second time reading some of my favorites.

I started in June 2020 with “Changed into His Image” by Jim Berg.

What made this book one of my favorites is it focuses on the hard work of Sanctification.

Sanctification is the slow process of changing ourselves every single day to become more and more like Jesus Christ. This means putting off our old habits (Ephesians 4:22) and put on new ones (Ephesians 4:23). Through Scripture, prayer, and fellowship with Believers the Holy Spirit helps us remove what doesn’t belong.

What makes Sanctification so hard is it doesn’t actually end on this earth. Because perfection will never come on this earth, there will ALWAYS be some sin left for us to be working on. So it’s easy to either lose heart and quit growing, or just become satisfied with where we are.

This is where books like Changed into His Image help. Jim Berg does a wonderful job challenging us to NEVER become satisfied with where we are spiritually. For the moment we stop growing, we begin dying,

They shine a light on the sin that we try to hide

Point our eyes towards the goal of Holiness

and give the strength to press forward

I am deeply grateful to Jim Berg for his timely book that more once reminded me we can never stop growing.

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