Missions is Asking for Help, So I Can Help

Dearest Friends,

Last week so many of you gave generously so that a prison-officer who helps with our services can receive a new Bible, and Bible-cover. They were mailed Saturday, and should come in about three-weeks.

That experience was a small glimpse of an important part of missions…

I ask you for help, so I can help others.

This fits into something I’ve written about before, and call the “Grandparenting view of missions.” It came from a Pastor who visited for a conference here in 2019 and explained his role (an American pastor) as a grandparent. The grandparent is someone who often just gives us what we want, then stands back, and smiles. This beautifully illustrates the idea that missions isn’t always doing the work, but funding nationals so they can do the work.

I am incredibly grateful for your giving last week,

and am now asking for your help again!

This August (in about four months) a team from nearby Trinidad and Tobago will be coming to conduct VBS and evangelistic services for us in Barrouallie. I’m incredibly excited about what the Lord will do through these twelve Believers to reach the young people of this community, and am especially thankful the Lord has provided Caribbeans to do the work.

They are funding their own plane tickets, but that takes most of their personal funds. So, the Lord has laid it upon my heart to raise funds for their food, lodging, and transportation.

I am praying that God would provide $1,000 US Dollars (around $2,500 East Caribbean Dollars) that can be used for this. Those funds can be sent from my account at Baptist Mid-Missions, but I also want to give you an opportunity to give!

Those of you would like to give towards this project can do so by clicking the link here and sending a gift of any size in my name. This site allows you to give online, or by check.

If you cannot give please pray that the Lord will provide the needed funds so this team can reach many young people in Barrouallie for Christ.

Thank you, friends, for giving so sacrificially so I can give to others.

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