Missions is Displaying Courage

Yesterday I finished listening to the audio version of “The Courage to be Free” by Ron DeSantis. And actually found myself enjoying it a lot more than I expected.

I do agree with the stands that Governor DeSantis makes, but even those who don’t agree with them can agree on one thing.

He is a man of courage!

This book itself emphasizes the work ethic of Governor DeSantis (and aggressive leadership style) as well as his willingness to stand up for convictions. To me both of these fit into the idea of courage since a courageous individual will work harder than everyone else, and make tough decisions.

The quote at the top of this post is found at the end of his introduction to the book. And in a way it sets the framework for the entire book because what he says is very true.

“In times like these, there is no substitute for courage.”

The sadly though this quote is absolutely true, it also helps us realize there are very few courageous leaders today.

Governer DeSantis throughout his book describes many challenges he faced in life. He faced each one with hard work, and aggressive decision making. Because of this those challenges were conquered. But without courage, he wouldn’t have gained the victory!

Courage is a vital part of victory……

Which is why so many of us don’t obtain it!

Challenges will always come in life. These challenges will reveal whether or not our hearts are filled with courage. Too many of us (especially men) back down when faced with hardship instead of stepping up.

This book and the record of Governor DeSantis is a call for us to stop being scared, and face our challenges head-on.

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