Missions is Knowing Tomorrow May Never Come

On Tuesday I traveled to a local Bible College to preach at their chapel, and a friend asked for a ride to the hospital. She wanted to visit her sister who had gone there the day before. I drove her up, and then on the way back about three hours later got her at the hospital for a ride home.

Along the way she told me her sister was sitting up, eating, and talking (asked her about me) so the sister should be getting out of the hospital on Wednesday.

About thirty-minutes later she walked into her house and her daughter told me that the sister had died.

We aren’t totally sure what happened to her, there is a possibility of her heart being weak. Whatever the reason for her death, it is a shocking reminder we may not have tomorrow.

This is very important for me as a missionary because many people know they are far from the Lord. And their response is always “preacher someday I will __________.” By saying this they are really saying “when I am old and close to death, then I’lll get my life right with god.” In most extreme cases they expect to accept the Lord or rededicate themselves on their deathbed.

There is just one problem with that…..

you don’t know when you will die!

If my understanding is correct within the thirty minutes it took for us to drive from the hospital to Barrouallie her sister died. The same sister who was talking, eating, and said she had no pain. We like to think there’s “plenty of time” but that is a lie from Satan who wants us to be in Hell with him.

I’m incredibly grateful the sister knows Jesus, and is now with her Savior. I’m also thankful she could spend quality time with her sister before her death. But last Tuesday was a painful reminder that you may not have tomorrow.

so we must do the work of God today.

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