is a Vicious Guard Dog (Who Likes Head Pets)

Last week I had some students who were retaking their test to move into secondary-school (the seventh grade) come so we could review together.

Two of the boys walked in the gate….

But the girl stayed just inside the gate because she was scared of my dog!

my dog Vinny (short for Vincentian) does have well-deserved reputation as a ferocious guard dog. Anyone coming to visit had to wait at the gate till I let them in, because someone coming in on their own would face his wrath!

There was a big reason why the girl had nothing to fear (which I explained to her). I had let her in the gate

You see someone who tried to walk in the gate on their own had good reason to be scared!!!

But those who walked in behind mewere met by a friendly dog who wanted head pets.

sure enough, by the end of our session she was happily giving Vincy pets on the head and they were best friends.

But he did so because I personally invited her in

Life itself is hard, and we all experience the hardship of people either offending us, or letting us down. It’s easy to let that heartache let nobody else into our (lives) and be protected or safe. But the Lord would have us continue to invite the needy in. In a way Vincy symbolizes this balance between protection (which is necessary) and inviting in those who have need.

People young and old are longing to be accepted and loved

They crave for someone who will just believe in.

So we let them in in the gate, and say “don;t worry about the dog, he loves head pets.”

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