Missions is Wasted Days

Last week wasn’t a great one for me

Spiritually and emotionally everything was fine. But as far as productivity (getting things done) I failed miserably!

Oh there are some excuses for that:

  1. There was an unexpected death of a Church members sister
  2. I had to preach at the Bible College at the last minute because someone else couldn’t do it
  3. And I dropped off my car twice last week so a friend could use it for a tent meeting in the country area

But excuses are nor, I still got very little done

The thing that really frustrates me is I know exactly why this happened

I didn’t have a plan

I have a bad habit of not working from written to-do lists, or having a daily schedule. Sometimes this doesn’t affect my ministry, but when I spent much of them week rushing from one place to the other, it definitely does.

When there WAS time and energy to do work last week I often DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO NEXT!

So precious opportunities were wasted trying to figure out what to do

We all have sinful habits that we struggle with from time to time. And we’ve all had days (and yes even weeks) when those bad habits have far too strong of an influence.

the most important thing when experiencing those wasted moments is to admit your failure (Biblical confession) and do better (Biblical repentance).

This is quite different than the normal responses of either ignoring the failure, or being so overwhelmed by shame that you never attempt it again.

I spent some time Saturday confessing to the Lord my mental laziness, as well as lack of focus the week before. And rededicated myself to a written out schedule, as well as a rejection of distraction.

It is humiliating to admit I wasted days last week

But that is far better than allowing the sinful habit to grow.

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