Have a Vision

A challenge in the Christian life (and particularly ministry) is maintaining a passion, or fire for the work of God. It’s far too easy to become complacent spiritually, or become satisfied with what’s already been accomplished.

The is why our vision for ministry must constantly push forward

The calling rarely even changes……

but the vision (way of achieving that calling) must change.

one of the best ways to have a vision that motivates is focusing on dreams and goals in the future, and striving towards them.

Few books I have ever read does a better job of helping grasp that idea of developing a vision than Andy Stanley’s book “Visioneering”

I will state that Andy Stanley today preaches false doctrine, and sadly has departed from the faith. However this book was written in his earlier years, and gives many very practical lessons on leadership.. I appreciate the fact that he loosely bases his lessons on the book of Nehemiah in the Old Testament.

Throughout the book the same idea keeps coming up

We Can NEVER stop growing

He does an excellent job of describing the stages of a vision, how to explain it to others, and seeing it through.

Reading a book like Visioneering brings excitement because it takes our eyes off today, and focuses them clearly on the goals we have in the future.

Big goals that can be achieved by our great God

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