Missions is praying for Mattresses

This morning I am writing a letter to the board of Education in SVG. The letter requests permission to use school facilities for a VBS team that is coming from Trinidad in August.

The letter asks for some specific items

  1. Use of upstairs and downstairs classrooms
  2. Use of the bathroom facilities
  3. Use of the kitchen

Following the volcanic eruption in 2022, Saint Vincent received many relief items from other Countries. These items were used to help those who had been displaced in the aftermath of the eruption. However, some were given to Government facilities.

While I’m not totally sure about the procedure of receiving them, I am aware that the board of education has mattresses that can be loaned out when necessary

So I am sending a letter asking for them……

And praying God will supply the need!

The truth is this is kind of a small need since other things can be used instead of mattresses. But the Lord calls us to ask for the big things as well as the small things.

Sometimes it can seem as if prayer is a privilege the Lord only wants us to use when there is a huge need. So we ask for help with the huge problems, but we don’t request help with the smaller needs (like a mattress) because we can deal with that problem ourselves.

But prayer is meant to be a constant communication between our hearts and God about EVERY NEED we experience. Not something we are forced to do as a last resort!

The thing is God loves to meet both the big, and small needs for His honor and Glory. He cares just as much about providing mattresses as bringing the VBS team over safely. There are no small needs with God!

Please pray with me that God would provide the mattresses for our team.

But more importantly, that I would keep praying about the small needs as well as the big

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